How Dance is Unique and Valuable

Mia LePage
3 min readApr 5, 2021


What makes dancing a unique activity?

A picture of Mia LePage when she was in elementary school with her fellow teammates on the 76ers Mini Dream Team

Dance is a unique activity that provides dancers with the opportunity to express themselves through movement instead of words. Dance can help one process thoughts and feelings that they may have trouble working through in their mind. Dance serves as an outlet for many people to express anything that they are going through. It incorporates creativity, athleticism, and technique. There are so many different styles of dance because it is an art form that is forever changing. Anyone interested in dance can become versatile by training in many styles or choose to specialize in a specific style. Everyone can find their niche. It is never too late to learn to dance. The art form can help someone learn to accept constructive criticism, tap into creativity, develop their work ethic, improve confidence, gain a good posture, and be flexible/open to learning new things. Dance can help a person in any area of their life.

The dance community is probably the aspect that contributes most to the uniqueness of the art form. Drop-in dance classes provide an opportunity to meet all different kinds of people from all different backgrounds who all share a love, passion, and drive for dance. Dance class creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and supported. The energy is incomparable. Dancers will always leave class with a natural high. My favorite place in the world to be is in dance class. It’s such a great feeling to surround yourself with dancers who are all working towards the same goal. Each dancer can feed off of each person’s dedication. It creates a hard-working and positive atmosphere. Everyone cheers for each other when they dance to ensure a supportive environment where everyone in the room feels free to be themselves.

Dance has led me to meet dancers from all over the country and around the world. Some of my best friends live the farthest away. We stay connected through social media, texting, and facetime calls. The friendships I’ve made in dance classes are timeless and some of my favorites. Meeting and growing close to another person who has the same passion as yourself is one of the coolest experiences. Talking with someone who fully understands what you have to say about an art form is unmatched. I especially love being a part of the hip-hop dance community because it is welcoming and accepting.

Dancers can dance anywhere and everywhere. Unlike sports, you don’t need a certain kind of ball to dance. Unlike music, you don’t need an instrument to dance. Unlike art, you don’t need art utensils to dance. All you need is yourself. Dancing can help anyone to release any negative energy and refresh their body. Having the ability to do it at any time is a beautiful thing.

Making someone feel something and connecting with someone without words is so special. It’s a pure and vulnerable feeling. I’ve been in a dance class where dancers, who have never met before, have made eye contact and started to cry just due to the overwhelming feeling of emotion shared between them. It was a beautiful moment to witness.

Dance is a powerful art form that will forever be unique from all other forms of activity. Personally, dance is something I could not live without.

Let me know your thoughts! Do you agree? Can you think of any other ways that dance is unique?



Mia LePage

Media Studies and Production Major at Temple University • 18-year-old dancer who has a passion for writing as well as dance • IG: @mialepage @mialepageblog